Remodeling Fireplaces

Remodeling Fireplaces With the seasons changing and colder weather on its way, we are going to be spending a lot more time inside over the next several months. With the added time indoors, we want to be as comfortable as we possibly can be. For those who have a fireplace in their home, they get…
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Clean Your Microwave – It’s Easy!

Chemical-free microwave cleaning hack

Posted by BuzzFeed DIY on Friday, January 22, 2016

If your home is like so many others, there is one appliance that can get dirty so quickly and go days without a proper cleaning. Most of you have probably already figured out that we are referring to the microwave oven.

The technology for the microwave was discovered accidentally during WW II. Since its introduction, the public has grown so attached to this handy little device. Cleaning it, however, is an entirely different issue.

Because it is used to reheat so many things and since it is normally not very large, it gets neglected...often for days at a time. This handy video demonstration gives you an easy way to clean your microwave! It is so easy - Take a look!

How to Detect Air Leaks

Are you spending more than you need to on heating? If warm air is leaking out of your house and letting cold air in, your heating system is working harder than it should have to. The result is that you end up spending more money to heat your house, since you're actually paying to heat…
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Effective Ways to Organize Winter Footwear

Winter footwear can get really messy in the snow, ice, and slush of winter. So of course, many people take off their winter footwear, especially boots, when they come in the door of their home or someone else's. But when you host a party, or even if you just have a big family, this can…
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How to Weatherstrip Your Drafty Doors

Are your doors letting in drafts? If you have no idea, then click over to this article to read about a clever method that will help you find out how well (or not so well) your doors are sealed. It also includes instructions to help you find other air leaks in your home. Once you've checked for air…
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Debatable Heating Habits

If you're confused about how to handle your heating most efficiently to conserve the most energy, you're not alone in that confusion. One reader of decided to voice his question to the experts in charge of the website, who responded by writing a post entitled "Thermostat Wars". The post answers the question: is it better…
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A Novice’s Guide to Navigating An Electrical Panel

If you're like many homeowners, you're not an electrician. As such, you may not have much of any idea how electricians do their job, and electrical panels may be somewhat incomprehensible to you. That's why posted an article called "Electrical Panels 101", a basic guide to electrical panels, how they work, and what their different…
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How to Eliminate Odors without Harsh Chemicals

There's more than one way to eliminate strong odors. Cleaner companies might try to tell you that you need their commercial products with strong chemicals if you want to really unstink your home. But that's simply not the case. According to an article posted on called "3 chemical-free ways to unstink your home", there are…
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How to Build a Bar Stool

Do your bar stools match the style of your home bar? Maybe you've been searching for just the right set of stools but haven't found them. Well, here's your chance to personalize your own bar stools: posted an article called "Weekend Projects: 5 Style-Boosting Bar Stools You Can Build", which has pictures and instructions for five…
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Kitchen Sink Deep Cleaning 101

Kitchen sinks can get pretty nasty. Between washing dishes, rinsing vegetables, and other food prep processes, your kitchen sink goes through a lot--or rather, a lot goes through it! But since you want the dishes or vegetables you're washing to get clean, it's important to keep your sink clean. How can you get it thoroughly…
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Better Bathtub Cleaning Guide

Your bathtub is where you clean yourself, but is the bathtub itself clean? Cleaning bathtubs can be hard work, so if you're like a lot of people, the hassle that it is to clean a bathtub, prevents you from cleaning your bathtub often or well. But what if cleaning your bathtub didn't have to be so…
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Fight Frost in Your Windows

If you have double-hung windows, you might be familiar with the struggle to deal with frost forming between the two windowpanes during the winter months. It's an annoying problem, that won't go away on its own. A reader of had this problem with their storm windows and asked what to do about it.'s…
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Update the Look of Your Fireplace on a Budget

Fireplaces are a great place to cozy up to in winter. A nice, inviting fireplace can even contribute to the overall look and ambience of the room it's in. But what if you've significantly changed the decor of the room that has the fireplace? The fireplace may no longer feel as much like it fits into…
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Radiator Incognito

If your home is heated by radiators, you know how unattractive they look and how much space they take up. If there were a way to make better use of that floor space or conceal the appearance of the radiator, radiator owners would rejoice! Well, according to, both of these things are possible in…
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Efficient Toy Storage Ideas

Christmas and New Years have come and gone, and by now, you may have noticed that your child has nowhere to put all their new toys. Teaching your children how to clean up after themselves and put away their own toys is of course very important. But how can they learn to put their toys away,…
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