Remodeling Fireplaces


Remodeling Fireplaces

With the seasons changing and colder weather on its way, we are going to be spending a lot more time inside over the next several months. With the added time indoors, we want to be as comfortable as we possibly can be. For those who have a fireplace in their home, they get to enjoy the warmth of a nice wood fire (or gas fire as is the case in more and more homes these days). Not only are fireplaces great for adding heat, but they add a lot of ambiance to the feel of a home as well.

Over time, though, styles which were once exciting and fresh start to look tired and old. When you first moved into your home and were so thrilled by the way the fireplace looked, you could hardly imaging needing to change it. However, time and styles have a way of changing our minds-not many of us today would opt for the shag carpet!

Changing out bricks is not the answer to refreshing the look of your fireplace. Paint, however, may be the ticket! Adding a fresh coat of paint can change the look of any fireplace dramatically. What used to be a no-no, is now becoming the go-to answer for changing the look!

HGTV has gathered several different fireplace updates. Be warned, not all of these are for everyone. But, they do give some great inspiration for you to consider. Take a look and get some ideas of your own about how you would like to upgrade the look in your home!


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